AB 01

Course name: Egyptian colloquial Arabic – Beginners (A1) – Week-Long Intensive Course – this course will not be open

Course description:

The course is suitable for those interested who would like to communicate in current spoken Arabic.
We will get acquainted with the basic interpretation of the grammar of the Egyptian colloquial language, which will be followed by the performance
of the most important phraseological turns, sayings and expressions that an Egyptian cannot do without in his speech.
In a few lessons, we will learn to conduct a conversation and respond to basic conversational topics with which a visitor to Arab countries
he meets during his stay. Emphasis will be placed on the active involvement of all course participants in the spoken word.

Minimum entry level:


Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher

Number of classes: 33

Dates: 8.7. – 12.7. 2024

Class time: 9: 00 – 15: 30


Price: CZK 4390

Student Price: CZK 3890