UWB Location

University of West Bohemia Location

The city of Pilsen is located in Western Bohemia, about 90 km from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and 80 km from the German border. Pilsen is not only an industrial city, famous for its brewery and the Skoda works factory, but also a centre of culture and education. Many of the city´s historical buildings date from the Middle Ages and together with the extensive underground passages, now open to the public, offer interesting glimpses intothe city´s rich past. To the south and south-east of the city lie extensive forests and in the countryside all around Pilsen are villages with lovely old castles and churches.

The University of West Bohemia attracts students from the all over the Czech Republic and abroad. The ISLS venue will be in the new university campus in Bory, 20 min. from the city centre. Sports facilities are within easy reach by city transport (trams, buses and trolleybuses).