STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE – (tefl students)


The TEFL course is a fully intergrated component of the University of West Bohemia’s International Summer Language School [ISLS] now enrolling almost 400 students in courses in seven languages. The practice classes taught by the TEFL participants are actual non-native speakers of English enrolled in the ISLS.

  • Five days a week, TEFL participants spend:
    • one 90 minute class period exploring TEFL/TESL theory, interculteral communication, and professional development and background
    • one 90 minute class practicing highly practical classroom activities and management, preparing lesson plans, and debriefing taught lessons ;
    • one 45-minute class applying the techniques of TEFL/TESL by leading small groups in English of students enrolled in the ISLS.
  • First week, participants take:
    • four 90 minute classes learning practical Czech to understand the “challenge” of learning a second language in context and to experience techniques for working with beginners who do not speak your language
  • Second and third week, participants complete
    • observations of EFL teachers from the UK, Australia, the U.S., Canada, Germany, and of course, the Czech Republic.
    • independent tasks to develop awareness of their teaching skills
  • Each student will receive at least two formal observation reports from a highly experienced EFL instructor.
  • To pass the course at the highest level, each participant must prepare a profession portfolio of activities by the end of the course.