Academic credit (links to the UofM)


Participants can, if they wish, earn American academic credit for the course through the University of Memphis [an accredited, state university in Tennessee , USA] at either the graduate or undergraduate level.

A major benefit of the program is that all students, regardless of their home institution or residency, pay the low in-state rate for tuition for the courses taken in Pilsen.

Those  desiring American college credits may obtain them through the University of Memphis at the in-state tuition rates.  Tuition rates may vary by year. The following tuition costs are accurate for Summer 2017.  To obtain 6 credits of undergraduate credit, the approximate cost is $2,550. To obtain 6 credits of graduate credit, the approximate cost is $3,565.  Both undergraduate and graduate students will apply for the TEFL program through the University of Memphis. In addition to the tuition cost, students will pay the program fee and $350 application fee directly to the University of Memphis.  Contact for further information.

Up to six hours of graduate or undergraduate coursework in ESL/EFL can be earned from through the Department of English at the UofM for successful completion of the program. Both graduates and undergraduates can easily apply to be non-degree seeking students at the UofM for the summer program. Contact the course organizers ( for more information and forms for American academic credit.