Visa/Health Insurance


Citizens of most European countries do not need visas to enter the Czech Republic. However, the Czech Foreign Ministry maintains a list of countries that do require a visa. Please contact the Czech Embassy in your country for actual information about Visa process. Applications for a short-term, long-term, and/or permanent visa must be applied for through Czech embassies and consulates outside the Czech Republic.

You may find all CZ Embassies and consulates listed here.

A visa is requested for citizens of the following countries: Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and most African countries. Please ask for actual information the Czech Embassy.

ISLS organisers will provide an official Invitation letter to all who need to apply for a visa. The invitation letter is provided after receiving the payment for ISLS course. Please notice that the visa obtaining procedure can take approx. 30 days from the date of submitting the application form at the Czech Embassy in the home country.

NOTICE: Administrative fee for the official Acceptance letter is 300 CZK. This fee will be added to the fee of the course. Postal charges are paid by participant.


Please make sure that you are completely covered by your current medical insurance policy or that you have purchased a travellers´ policy which is explicitly valid in the Czech Republic.
The University can assume no responsibility for any fees or medical charges you incur before, during or after the course. It is also advisable to be insured against loss of property during your stay.
We highly recommend to insure your car, unfortunately car losses (especially of well known types) are very frequent. There is no possibility to use a garage in front of the dormitories.