Czech – B1 Exam Preparatory Course – One-Week Afternoon Course

CZ 05

Course Name: Czech – B1 Exam Preparatory Course – One-Week Afternoon Course

Course Content: The course is intended for those interested in taking the Czech language exam at level B1, which is organised by the Institute of Applied Language Studies UWB for applicants to study at the UWB. Course participants will familiarise themselves with the structure of the written and oral part of the exam. They will review important grammar and learn the communication strategies necessary to pass the exam. The course will also include discussions on the written works, which participants will write during the course as part of their homework.

Course Objective: Graduates will be able to pass the exam in Czech at level B1, or will know how to prepare for it as best as possible. They will be able to use the necessary grammar and the corresponding vocabulary. They will be able to have a dialogue and respond to questions in the oral part of the exam. They will also learn to write texts at the given language level.

Minimum Entry Level: A2+

Note: Up to 15 students in the class

Teachers: Qualified Czech teachers – native speakers

Total Class Hours: 20

Dates: 15. 7. – 19. 7. 2024

Class time: 15:15 – 18:30

Teaching materials: 

materials provided by the teacher

Grammar: Declension of nouns in singular and plural, present, past and future tense, aspect and verb prefixes, conditional, modal verbs, formal and informal communication.

Topics: Talking about oneself, hobbies and leisure time, food, lifestyle, housing, sports, culture, weather, clothing, travel.

Price:  CZK 2.190