Taxi – from Ruzyně Airport straight to Pilsen (Plzeň)

1. you can take a taxi from Prague stright to Pilsen (aprox. CZK 2500) without ordering (airport taxi service providers)
2. you can order a cheaper taxi company by yourself (aprox. CZK 1800), the driver will need number of flight and exact time of arrival. Here is the driver´s mobile phone: 00420 608 31 66 61, or via e-mail:   The driver speaks English language 🙂

Train – from Ruzyně Airport to Main Railway Station in Prague (in Czech language: “Hlavní nádraží”)

1. you can take a taxi (CZK 600) from the airport to Prague Railway Station, and then take a train to Pilsen (goes every hour until 8 p.m.,  CZK 150). You can use also trains which go later, please have a look at
2. bus to the Prague center (different buses go to all tube/metro lines) then you have to take or change to tube C, red line (direction to “Letňany”), get off at stop “Hlavní nádraží” (Main Rail Station) and take a train to Pilsen
The train fare one-way to Pilsen will normally be around (CZK 150). The bus is cheaper (CZK 100) and faster.The travel time to Pilsen is usually about 2 hours by train and 1,5 hour by bus.

Bus – from Ruzyně Airport to a bus stop in part of suburb so called “Zličín” in Prague and then to Pilsen

1. bus No. 100 (all bus stops are opposite airport exit) goes straight to “Zličín” every 20 minutes (you can buy ticket CZK 40 at driver’s or at Ticket vending machine CZK 32) and there change to a bus to Pilsen Central Coach Station (“Hlavní autobusové nádraží”), the ticket costs CZK 100.

The link to time schedules buses/trains:  you can find all possible times of buses and trains leaving from PRAGUE to PILSEN. The English version is available.

!NEW!  AIRPORT EXPRESS (AE) from airport to railway station and then to Pilsen by train

The AE bus line provides a direct connection between Prague’s air, rail and municipal mass transit systems. Buses marked AE (AIRPORT EXPRESS) connect Prague Main Station (Praha hl.n.) and the Prague Airport.

The AE bus line operates daily at regular 30-minute intervals. In the direction of Prague Airport this connection can be used from 6:35 to 22:05.

The price is CZK 60 for AE (it takes 35 min) and then CZK 150 for train to Pilsen. For further information click here!

Notice: We organize transportation from Prague International Airport to Pilsen for participants (only for TEFL students and international teachers) arriving on Friday, July 5, 2019.


How to get from the Main bus station (“Centrální autobusové nádraží”) to the Dorms:

When you arrive in Pilsen by bus to the bus terminal (Centrální autobusové nádraží), you can take a taxi for about CZK 120 from there to the dorms (show the taxi driver the address). Taxis are parked just outside the bus terminal. In case that there is no taxi, you can call the taxi service: 00420 377 377 377.
You can reach the dorms also by tram, buy a 70 CZK ticket at the bus terminal,  or you can buy a ticket at the driver´s for CZK 30 and go to the tram stop near the bus station: go downstairs to the tunnel, turn left and follow it until the end; outside, you will see the tram stop in front of you on a busy street (the gas station Shell is nearby). Take tram No. 2, direction SVĚTOVAR and get out on the 2nd stop. From there take tram No. 4, direction BORY. Get off the tram at the terminus and then walk to the dorms on Klatovska ulice 200.

How to get from the Main train station (“Hlavní nádraží”) to the Dorms:

If you arrive in Pilsen by train at the Main train station (“Hlavní nádraží”), you can either take a taxi to the dorms (show the driver the address) or buy a tram ticket for CZK 18 from the machine just outside the train station on the right or buy the tram ticket for CZK 30 at the driver´s, continue to the road, turn right and go down the escalator. In the underground passage follow the sign BOLEVEC and take tram No. 1 or No. 2 to the stop “Hlavní pošta” (4th stop). Then cross the street, turn the corner on left side and go to the tram stop in the middle of the big street in front of you. Take tram No. 4 direction BORY to the terminus and then walk to the dorms on Klatovska ulice 200.