Course name: English – Business English – Week-Long Intensive Morning Course (B1-B2)

EN 011

Course name: English – Business English – Week-Long Intensive Morning Course (B1-B2)

Course content: This English language course is tailored to the needs of people who need English at work. It focuses on increasing the level of all language skills needed when communicating with foreign partners. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate in the business environment and master a business-related vocabulary. It focuses primarily on language skills needed in everyday business situations (business phone conversations, business letter and email writing, participation in business meetings, writing messages, announcements and reports). The course will expand participants’ vocabulary in marketing, administration, finance, human resources and Internet communication.

Course objective: The course will focus on deepening participants’ knowledge of English, expanding vocabulary and using longer and more demanding constructions of sentences and phrases. The focus of the course is the use of English in a business environment.

Minimum entry level: B1


Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher and qualified native speaker

Number of classes: 25

Dates: 19.7. – 23.7.2021

Class time: 9: 00-13:05

 Teaching materials: Business English textbooks.

Grammar: Corresponding to B1 / B2 levels.

Topics: Corresponding to B1 / B2 levels.

Price: 2.690 CZK