Course name: English – Pre-Intermediate (A2) – Week-Long Intensive Course (EN01)

EN 01

Course name: English – Pre-Intermediate (A2) – Week-Long Intensive Course

Course Content: This course is tailored to the needs of people who are unable to take part in the full three weeks of the language summer school. It is therefore only offered for one week. Participants will strengthen their language skills at a level corresponding to A2 (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar structures and language functions); they will work on their competences (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as gain enhanced communication skills.

Course objective: The language course will strengthen and develop the language skills and competences of participants who have already achieved an A2 level. Participants will acquire vocabulary to do with everyday life, as well as grammar appropriate for their level. Graduates will be able to understand sentences and frequently used terms related to their personal lives (e.g. family information, employment/studies, and hobbies). They will be able to communicate when dealing with simple and common tasks that require a straightforward, direct exchange of information about familiar or common facts. Graduates will have gained the ability to easily describe their families and immediate surroundings. They will have learnt phrases that come in handy when traveling and be able to express their attitudes and opinions. The course is intensive but short and is designed to help refresh the memories of those who have already achieved an A2 level.

Minimum entry level: A2


Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher and qualified native speaker

Number of classes: 33

Dates: 8.7.-12.7., 15.7.-19.7., 22.-26.7.2024

Class time: 9: 00 – 15: 30


Price: CZK 4390

Student Price: CZK 3890