Course name: English – Advanced (C1) – Three-Week Intensive Course (EN08)

EN 08

Course name: English – Advanced (C1) – Three-Week Intensive Course

Course Content:

The course is focused on the comprehensive development of language skills at the C1 level. In the first block of the morning, the teaching focuses on more difficult grammatical structures, in the second block, students improve their language skills such as listening or comprehension of a text, and in the afternoon block, they converse on more complex topics. Most of the speakers of the course are native speakers.

Course objective:

After completing the course, students will be able to understand a wide range of demanding texts, lead a fluent and comprehensive conversation without having to look for expressions. They will be able to formulate their thoughts and opinions precisely and follow up appropriately on the contributions of other speakers. The course is intensive but short-term, it serves to strengthen the B2 level.

Minimum entry level: C1


Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher and qualified native speaker.

Number of classes: 99

Dates: 11.7. – 29.7.2022

Teaching Time: 9:00 – 15:30

Teaching materials:

Grammar: Level C1

 Topics: Corresponding to C1 level

  Price: 9.490 CZK  Student Price: 8.490 CZK