Course Name: English – Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate (B1-B2) – Two Week-Long Afternoon Course (EN10)

EN 010

Course Name: English – Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate (B1-B2) – Two Week-Long Afternoon Course

Course Content: This course is tailored to the needs of people who are unable to take part in the full three weeks of the summer language school. It is therefore offered for one week. Participants will strengthen their language skills at a level corresponding to B1-B2 (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar structures and language functions), they will work on their competences (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as gain enhanced communication skills. The participants will develop their communication skills through listening and speaking activities.

Course objective:
The course will strengthen and develop the existing language skills and competences of participants who have already achieved a B1-B2 level. Participants will acquire everyday life vocabulary and develop the grammar skills needed at their level. They will understand the main ideas of authentic texts concerning concrete and abstract topics, including professional discussions in their field. Participants will be able to discuss complex topics, solve problems relating to complex situations when traveling, or dealing with work matters. They will be able to communicate fluently and spontaneously with native speakers, without much difficulty on either side.
Minimum entry level: B1

Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher and qualified native speaker.
Number of classes: 30
Dates: 11.7. – 22.7. 2022

Class Time: 16:00 – 18:25

Learning materials:

Grammar: Level B1-B2

Topics: corresponding to a B1-B2 level

Price: 7.790 CZK
Student Price: 6.790 CZK