Course name: English – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week, Full-Day Course (EN02)

EN 02

Course name: English – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week, Full-Day Course

Course Content: Participants will strengthen their language skills at a level corresponding to B1 level (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar structures and language functions); they will work on their competences (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as gain enhanced communication skills. The lesson is divided into three 90 min blocks and one 45 min block each day. The first block focuses on grammar, the second block on vocabulary and the third on practical language and conversation. The 45-minute block will be taught by native speakers from the summer school’s TEFL program. Students are divided into levels following placement tests.

Course objective: The course will strengthen and develop the language skills and competencies of participants who have already achieved a B1 level. Participants will acquire vocabulary to do with everyday life and improve their grammar in a manner appropriate for their level. They will be able to talk about most basic, everyday life things and feelings, including basic abstract terms. Graduates will be able to engage in a conversation without any prior preparation about topics that are familiar, or of interest, or those relating to everyday life situations. They will learn to tell a story or briefly recount the contents of a book or film .. They will be able to describe some experiences and their reactions to them, and   briefly explain and justify their views and plans. The course is intensive but short and is designed to help refresh the memories of those who have already achieved a B1 level.

Minimum entry level: B1


Teachers: Qualified Czech teacher and qualified native speaker.

Number of classes: 99

Dates: 11.7. – 29.7. 2022

Class Time: 9:00 – 15:30

Learning materials:

Grammar: Level B1

Topics: corresponding to B1 level

Price: 9.490 CZK

Student Price: 8.490 CZK