Course Name: Czech – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

CZ 03

Course Name: Czech – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

Course Content: Course participants develop communication skills at a B1 level. They will practise expressing opinions on various topics and master certain aspects of grammar. Emphasis is placed on developing productive skills, especially speaking. Teaching is tailored to the level and interests of the students.

Course Objective: Successful graduates will be able to understand information about familiar things that they regularly encounter at work, at school, in their free time, on the street, etc. They will be able to deal with most situations that may occur when travelling. They will be able to write a simple, coherent text on familiar topics, a message and an e-mail. They will be able to describe their experiences and events and briefly explain their views and plans.

Minimum Entry Level: A2

Note: Up to 15 students in the class

Teacher: Qualified Czech teachers – native speakers

Total Class Hours: 99

Dates: 8. 7. – 26. 7. 2024

Class time: 8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials:

Basic (included in the price): 

NEKOVÁŘOVÁ, A.: Čeština pro život 1 – 15 moderních konverzačních témat

Supplementary literature: 

HOLÁ, L.: Česky krok za krokem 2

other materials provided by the teacher

Grammar: Declension of nouns, modal verbs, verbs of motion, aspect, verb prefixes, word order.

Topics: Travel and transport, health and lifestyle, fashion, housing and employment.

Price: 10.990 CZK