Course Name: Czech – Beginners (A1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

CZ 01

Course Name: Czech – Beginners (A1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

Course Content: Course participants will learn basic Czech. They will learn how to communicate in a simple manner: the most important courtesy phrases, everyday expressions and basic grammar. Emphasis is placed on the development of practical skills, especially speaking. Teaching is tailored to the level and interests of students.

Course Objective: A graduate of the course will be able to understand well-known everyday expressions and basic phrases to meet specific needs and will be able to use them appropriately. Graduates will be able to introduce themselves and ask very simple questions pertaining to personal information: about where one lives, acquaintances and possessions. They will be able to easily answer such questions in turn using the present tense.

The secondary effect of the summer school is the creation of an international and intercultural environment that creates the opportunity for non-Czech students to meet Czech students taking other courses, as well as their Czech and foreign teachers. This adds to the learning process, as students are introduced to Czech culture and get to know the country and region, the city of Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia.

Minimum Entry Level: No previous knowledge required

Note: Up to 15 students in the class


Total Class Hours: 99

Dates: 10. 7. – 28. 7. 2023

Class time:  8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials: Holá, L.: Czech Express 1 (basic literature);

Supplementary literature: Holá, L.: Czech Step by Step 1; Adamovičová, A., Ivanovová, D.; Basic Czech I.; Kestřánková, M. B.: Czech for Foreigners A1 and A2: textbooks and exercise books; other materials provided by the teacher

Grammar: The verb “to be”, conjugation of verbs in the present tense, pronouns, adjectives, the nominative and accusative cases in the singular, numerals.

Topics: Getting to know you, getting around town, restaurants, family, meeting others, famous Czechs.