Course Name: Czech – Beginners (A1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

CZ 01

Course Name: Czech – Beginners (A1) – Three-Week All-Day Course

Course Content: Course participants will learn the basics of the Czech language. They will learn simple communication: they will be able to use the most important polite phrases, everyday expressions and basic grammar. Emphasis is placed on developing productive skills, especially speaking.

Course Objective: The graduates of the course will be able to understand basic everyday phrases and use these phrases themselves. They will be able to introduce themselves and ask very simple questions. They will be able to ask for directions, buy in a store or order food in a restaurant. The presentation of Czech culture, history and aspects of life in the Czech Republic is also an integral part of the course.

An accompanying program is also prepared for Czech language students every year, during which they get to know Czech language students from other courses and Czech students and teachers.

Minimum Entry Level: No previous knowledge required

Note: Up to 15 students in the class

Teacher: Qualified Czech teachers – native speakers

Total Class Hours: 99

Dates: 8. 7. – 26. 7. 2024

Class time:  8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials:

Basic (included in the price): 

HOLÁ, Lída a Pavla BOŘILOVÁ. Čeština expres 1

Supplementary literature: 

HOLÁ, L.: Česky krok za krokem 1 

HOLÁ, L.: Čeština expres Start

CVEJNOVÁ, Jitka. Česky, prosím I.

other materials provided by the teacher

Grammar: The verb “to be”, present tense, irregular verbs, genders, numerals, nominative and accusative singular, past tense.

Topics: Meeting new people, orientation in the city, in a restaurant, family, time expressions, famous Czechs.

Price: 10.990 CZK