Course name: Italian – Beginners/Pre-Intermediate (A1-A2) – Week-Long Afternoon Course (IT05)

IT 05

Course name: Italian – Beginners/Pre-Intermediate (A1-A2) – Week-Long Afternoon Course

Course Content: The course is designed for false beginners and intermediate students. The course covers basic grammar (irregular verbs, prepositions with articles, pronouns, past tenses, future tenses, the imperative) and conversation topics from everyday life (studies, work, city, shopping, traveling, cooking).

Course Objective: Course graduates will be able to read simple Italian texts with limited vocabulary and manage basic life situations in Italian. They will be able to converse on topics related to themselves without much difficulty and hold a basic conversation on common topics, as well describe or recount events in a simple manner, express their opinions, wishes and needs.

Minimum Entry Level: A1.

Note: It is also possible to attend other courses offered in the three weeks of the summer school, either before or after this course.

Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 20

Dates: 15.7. – 19.7.2023

Class time: 16.00 – 19.15

Teaching materials: Materials provided to the students will serve as the basis for teaching.


Basic grammatical phenomena (irregular verbs, prepositions with articles, past tense, etc.) and conversational topics are discussed in relation to real-life situations (hobby, city, shopping, travelling, eating, etc.)


leisure, daily activities, city, shopping, travel, eating out


Price: CZK 2690