Course name: Italian – Intermediate (B1) – Week-Long Intensive Course (IT03)

IT 03

Course name: Italian – Intermediate (B1) – Week-Long Intensive Course

Course Content: The course is designed for intermediate students and covers intermediate-level grammatical phenomena (double-object pronouns, past tenses, the imperative using the  form of address) and conversational topics relating to real-life situations (work, business, culture, lifestyle, etc.).

Course Objective: Graduates will be able to read intermediate Italian texts with vocabulary that is appropriate for this level. They will be able to communicate in a wide range of life situations and express themselves when discussing less common topics without much difficulty, holding conversations on common topics as well as academic/professional discussions in their fields of interest. Graduates will be able to recount and describe events using a wide range of tenses and expressions, as well as express their opinions, wishes and needs in a friendly and courteous manner.

Minimum Entry Level: A2.

Note: It is also possible to attend other courses offered in the three weeks of the summer school, either before or after this course.

Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 33

Dates: 24.7. – 28.7.2023

Class time: 8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials: Materials provided to the students will serve as the basis for our teaching.


Relative clauses, Double-object pronouns, First conditional/time clauses, Past tense Trapassato, Past tense passato remote, Imperative for the V-form of address, Subjunctive, Conditional sentences, Conjunctions


Studies, Work, International trade, Economy, Culture, History, Literature, Lifestyle


Price: 4.390 CZK

Student Price: 3.890 CZK