Course name: German – Intermediate (A2) – Three-Week-Long Intensive Course (DE04)

DE 04

Course name: German – Intermediate (A2) – Three-Week-Long Intensive Course

Course Content: The course is focused on all language skills, on strengthening all the tools required for mastering a language (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar structures and language functions), and on competence (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as supporting its participants’ communication skills. The course also includes lessons with a native speaker.

Course Objective: At the end of the course, participants should be able to communicate in common situations requiring a simple direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities, as well as manage a very short social conversation. They should understand the sentences and frequently used terms relating to areas that are of direct relevance to them (e.g., basic information about themselves, shopping, place names and work- related information). Graduates of this course should be able to read short, simple texts and find specific predictable information in simple everyday materials such as menus, prospectuses, advertisements and timetables. They should be able to write short simple notes and reports regarding their basic needs, write a simple personal letter (e.g., a thank you note), and fill in personal information on a form.

Minimum Entry Level: A1


Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 99

Dates: 11.7. – 29.7.2022

Class time: 8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials: Borrowed textbooks and handouts given to students throughout the course.

Grammar: Conjugation of verbs in the present tense, the präteritum and perfect tenses, declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, numbers, verb patterns, word order of the main and relative clauses.

Topics: Daily schedule, occupation, family, housing, shopping, weather sports, health, food, media, post, travel, culture, leisure.

Price: 9.490 CZKStudent Price: 8.490 CZK