Course name: German – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week Intensive Course (DE05)

DE 05

Course name: German – Intermediate (B1) – Three-Week Intensive Course

Course Content: The course is focused on all language skills, on strengthening all the tools required for mastering a language (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar structures and language functions), and on competence (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as supporting its participants’ communication skills. The course also includes lessons with a native speaker.

Course Objective: Upon completing the course, graduates should  be better able to understand common phrases and vocabulary, respond more readily in conversation, and be able to engage without any prior preparation in conversations on subjects that are familiar, or of interest, to them. They should be able to write a simple, coherent text on familiar topics, or on their fields of interest. Graduates should be able to describe events or personal experiences, dreams, hopes and goals, and to briefly explain and justify their views and plans for the future.

Minimum Entry Level: A2, B1


Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 99

Dates: 11.7.-29.7.2022

Class time: 8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials: Borrowed textbooks and handouts given to students throughout the course.

Grammar: The present, past and perfect tenses, the indicative and subjunctive in all the tenses, the passive voice, infinitive with “zu”, ”, declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns , numbers, comparatives and superlatives, adverbs and word formation.

Topics: Personal characteristics, work, education, housing, the world of technology and media, services, telephoning, sports, health, nutrition, culture, society, politics, tourism, the environment, German-speaking countries.

Price: 9.490 CZK

Student Price: 8.490 CZK