Course name: German in Health Care (B1-B2) – Afternoon Course (DE06)

DE 06

Course name: German in Health Care (B1-B2) – Afternoon Course

Course Content: The course specializes in German for health care purposes and is offered at intermediate to advanced level for only two weeks. Lessons are specifically devoted to preparing students to communicate during their work in health care. The course concentrates on activities in health care facilities (hospitals, health centres and homes for the elderly); special attention is paid to commonplace communication with patients. The course also includes lessons with a native speaker.

Course Objective: Graduates of the course should be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts concerning both concrete and abstract topics, as well as the main points of professional discussions in their field. They should be able to participate in conversation so fluently and spontaneously as to be able to conduct routine conversation with native speakers. Graduates should be able to express themselves clearly even when answering more complex questions, discussing various topics, and defending their views. The course is intended to improve participants’ understanding of spoken and written texts.

Minimum entry level: B1


Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 30

Dates: 11.7. – 22.7.2022

Class time: 15:30 – 18:00

Teaching materials: Borrowed textbooks and handouts given to the students throughout the course.

Grammar: The präteritum tense, plus quam perfectum tense, participant prézens and perfect, the indicative and subjunctive in all the tenses, the passive voice, infinitive with “zu”, declesion of adjectives andpronouns, numbers and paired conjunctions.

Topics: The human body, conversations with patients, the health system’s structure, medical disciplines. Part of the course is mediation of intercultural information and health-related realities in German-speaking countries.

Price: 3.190 CZK