Course Name: Russian – Lower Intermediate (A2-B1) – Week-long Intensive course (RU02)

RU 02

Course Name: Russian – Lower Intermediate (A2-B1) – Week-long Intensive course

Course Content: The lexical and grammatical materials taught are derived from everyday dialogues: school, travel, public transport, hobbies and interests, shopping. As the course progresses, communicative skills are developed by taking on conversational topics that involve more advanced vocabulary. The course will be supplemented by reading simple and adapted texts and working with texts, listening exercises and watching TV and videosTeaching will be tailored to the level and interests of the students.

Course Objective: Participants will be able understand the main points of formal speech on familiar topics encountered at work, school, or during leisure activities, and will be able to deal with most situations that may arise while using a foreign language. Furthermore, participants will be able to write simple, coherent texts about familiar topics, or subjects that are of interest to them. They will be able to describe experiences and events, briefly justify their views and explain their plans.

Minimum Entry Level: The course is intended for all those with an interest in Russian (students, as well as individuals in companies and from among the general public) who possess a basic knowledge of Russian and have mastered the Cyrillic alphabet (in printed and hand-written forms). An ability to read and understand simple texts in Russian is necessary.The course can be taken as a preparation course for the maturita examination in Russian.

Notes: Up to 15 students in the class

Teacher: Mgr. Vlasta Klausová

Total Class Hours : 33

Dates: 15.7.-19.7.2024

Class time: 9:00 – 15:30

Teaching materials: Jelínek Stanislav et al.: Raduga po novomu 1. Fraus, Plzeň, 2007.

Jelínek Stanislav. Radugaponův 2. Fraus, Plzeň, 2008.

Golovatina, Varvara; Klausová, Vlasta: Practical Russian language. Pilsen, 2013.

Nekolová, Věra; Camutaliová, Irena; Vasiljeva-Leskova, Alena. Russian not only for self-taught. Ed. 1. Prague: LEDA, 2002.

Čára, Vladimír; Balcar, Milan ; Ladmanová, Jarmila. Russian Grammar for Secondary Schools. Prague: SPN, 1996.

Horvátová M. Russian Conversation, Prague 2004.

Fozikoš A. Facts about Russian-speaking countries, Pilsen.

Grammar: Verb conjugation, verbs that change their root consonants, personal and possessive pronouns, noun and adjective declension, cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Topics: Relationships in the family, interests and hobbies, work and studies. Introducing yourself. Addressing and greeting others, Russian names.  Do you speak Russian? Knowledge of foreign languages.How are you? Where do you live? Visiting a Russian family. Our family. Professions. Shopping – the different steps, goods.

Price: CZK 4390 

Student Price: CZK 3890