Course name: Russian for Business (B1-B2) – One-week Afternoon Course (RU05)

RU 05, RU 06, RU 07

Course name: Russian for Business (B1-B2) – One-week Afternoon Course

Course Content:

The course is intended for students and business representatives who go on internships, participate in conferences and business meetings in Russia, or have to negotiate in a company where the management speaks Russian. The aim of the course is to strengthen its participants’ knowledge of Russian in the area of corporate communication: to improve their spoken Russian within and outside a company in order to conduct business negotiations and calls and understand corporate correspondence. The course aims to deepen and expand competences in trade negotiations and to enable graduates to use Russian independently in reallife situations.

The course will include reading adapted texts and working with texts, as well as listening exercises.


Course Objective:

Graduates will able to participate relatively fluently in business-oriented discussions, calls and other conversations. They will be able to express themselves even when asked quite complex questions, discuss and defend their opinions, make business arrangements, etc.  They should be able to understand the main ideas in complex business-related texts, and to respond to them.


Minimum Entry Level: The course is designed for students and business representatives who want to deepen their basic knowledge of Russian and have achieved a minimum A2 level.

Note: Up to 15 students in the class.

Teacher: Mgr. Vlasta Klausová

Total class hours: 20

Dates: 11.7.-15.7. 2022, 18.7.-22.7.2022, 25.-29.7.2022

Class Time: 16:00 – 19:15

Teaching materials:

L.V. Kotane: Russian for Business Communications (B1, B2). Русскийязыпддадевовогоговования. Honey. 2014.

Golovatina, Varvara; Klausová, Vlasta: Practical Russian language. Pilsen, 2013.

Nekolová, Věra; Camutaliová, Irena; Vasiljeva-Lešková, Alena: Russian not only for self-taught.

Balcar, Milan; Russian grammar in a nutshell. Leda, Praha 2014.

Witch, Ljuba. Business Russian. Brno, 2007.

Anfilov, Mark; Hutarová, Marcela. Dialogues of business meetings in Russian. Prague. University of Economics, 1999.

Hutarová, Marcela. Business correspondence in Russian. Prague. Vysoká škola ekonomická, 1995.



The grammar required for learning the topics being taught: verb conjugation, a selection  of verb patterns, declension of nouns and adjectives (regular, irregular), cardinal and ordinal numbers, expressing time and date.



Describing the structure and nature of a company,  business contacts, business discussions, telephone and email communication, business offers (a pitch), taking and delivering an order, business trips, exhibitions, trade fairs.



A communicative method aimed at target competence, individual and group work, dialogues, presentations, simulation of corporate negotiations. Participants will use borrowed  and photocopied learning materials throughout the course.

Price: 2.190 CZK