Course name: Russian – Beginners (A1) – Week-Long Intensive CourseCourse Content (RU01)

RU 01

Course name: Russian – Beginners (A1) – Week-Long Intensive CourseCourse Content: The lexical and grammatical materials taught are derived fromeveryday situations. Attention is paid to practicing the Cyrillic alphabet (printed and hand-written forms). Vocabulary-focused conversation topics are based on everyday life situations. Teaching will be tailored to the level and interests of students.

Course Objective: Mastering the Cyrillic alphabet in printed and hand-written versions. Reading and understanding simple texts in Russian. The participants will be able to understand familiar expressions from everyday life and will master their use. Furthermore, participants will be able to introduce themselves and others and ask others questions about where they live, people they know and their possessions; in turn, the participants will be able to answer similar questions about themselves.

Minimum Entry Level: The course is designed for students with no, or a very low, level of knowledge in Russian.

Notes: Up to 15 students in the class

Teacher: Mgr. Vlasta Klausová

Total Class Hours : 33

Dates: 8.7.-12.7.2024

Class time: 9:00 – 15:30

Teaching materials: Jelínek Stanislav et al.: Raduga po novomu 1. Fraus, Plzeň, 2007.

Golovatina, Varvara; Klausová, Vlasta: Practical Russian language. Pilsen, 2013.

Nekolová, Věra; Camutaliová, Irena; Vasiljeva-Leskova, Alena. Russian not only for self-taught. Ed. 1. Prague: LEDA, 2002.

Čára, Vladimír; Balcar, Milan ; Ladmanová, Jarmila. Russian Grammar for Secondary Schools. Prague: SPN, 1996.

Horvátová M. Russian Conversation, Prague 2004.

Fozikoš A. Facts about Russian-speaking Countries, Pilsen.

Grammar: Grammar topics include the most frequently used verbs in Russian and their conjugations. The declension of selected nouns and adjectives in both singular and plural (based on the phrases acquired).

Topics: Situations from everyday life: Introducing oneself – meeting new people, family, work, visiting, leisure.

Price: CZK 4390 

Student Price: CZK 3890