Course name: Spanish – Pre-Intermediate (B1) – Week-Long Intensive Course (SP08)

SP 08

Course name: Spanish – Pre-Intermediate (B1) – Week-Long Intensive Course

Course Content:

The course is designed for A2 level students of Spanish. The course focuses on all language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. During the course, the participants will acquire new vocabulary; they will be able to use past and future tenses and the subjunctive. Course participants will be able to understand and respond appropriately to most everyday situations, as well as communicate their basic needs and wishes.

Course Objective:

The main aim of the course is to improve participants’ spoken Spanish for the purposes of conducting conversations that go beyond everyday topics: recounting experiences and events, expressing one’s feelings and logical reasoning, explaining one’s opinions and detailing one’s plans, giving a brief account of a book or film.

Minimum Entry Level: A2

Note: A minimum of 10 registered participants is required in order for the course to open.

Teacher: Czech teacher, native speaker

Total Class Hours: 33

Dates: 27.7. – 31.7. 2020

Class time: 8:30 – 15:00

Teaching materials:

Nuevo Ven 2 (textbook, workbook and CD)

Prism A2, B1 (textbook, workbook and CD)

Adventure 2

Macíková O., Mlýnková L.: Texts of contemporary Spanish (including CDs)

Cronómetro – preparación DELE básico


Libro de ejerciciosdelDiccionariopráctico de gramática autores: Abanico

Castro F .: Uso from grammar I – III.

Arribas: Diplomabásico


Domínguez: Actividadescomunicativas

Planet @ 2

Encinar Á .: Usointeractivodelvocabulario

Gramática – Cursopráctico 2-3

Báez San José et al.: Modern grammar of Spanish


The most used descriptive verbal links; Focus on past tenses: perfecto, indefinido and imperfecto, pluscuamperfecto; Future tense; The subjunctive in the present tense and its use in common situations: expressing doubts, wishes, astonishment, joy, sadness); the imperative. Exchanging pleasantries. Improving the use of personal pronouns when they serve as the sentence’s subject.


Expressing probability, deductions and predictions; asking about health and mood; expressing fear, worry, joy, surprise and grief; asking for a favor or permission; expressing consent or non-consent, weighing different opinions.

  • Use of past tenses when narating experiences; storytelling. Recognizing situations where the subjunctive mood should be used.

Price: 4.390 CZK

Student price: 3.890 CZK