German – Pre-Intermediate (A2) – one-week afternoon course (DE06)

DE 06

Course name: German – Intermediate (A2) – one-week afternoon course

Course content:

The course focuses on consolidating language resources (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammatical structures and language functions), competences (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and strengthening communication skills. The course also includes lessons with a native speaker.

Course objective: After completing the course, the participant should understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life (e.g. basic personal and family information, shopping, where they live, employment). They should be able to communicate in simple, repetitive situations that require simple, direct exchanges of information about familiar, repetitive matters. I should be able to describe my education, immediate surroundings and immediate needs in simple terms.

Minimum entry level: A1


Lecturer: Qualified Czech teaching staff and native speakers.

Number of teaching hours: 20

Date of teaching: 8.7.-12.7.2024

Lesson time: 15:00 – 18:15

Learning materials: participants work with copied materials

Grammar: verb tenses in the present tense, preterite and perfective, inflection of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, numerals, verb conjugations, main and subordinate clauses.

Topics: daily routine, occupation, family, housing, shopping, weather sports, health, food, media, mail, travel, culture, leisure, realities of German-speaking countries

Price: CZK 2690