Course name: Persian – Beginners (A1)

Course description:

Those interested in this course will actively and passively learn the Persian alphabet and script and master Persian pronunciation. They acquire the basic vocabulary necessary for conversation when meeting, addressing others, in a restaurant, at the university, and they learn to express basic social expressions in communication (ta´árof). From a grammatical point of view, they will learn, among other things, the esaphate conjugation, the possessive, the plural and the present tense of basic simple and compound verbs. The course includes practical language and listening exercises.

Graduates of this course will be able to compose simple short sentences and write them in Persian script. They use basic vocabulary (the most important nouns and adjectives, personal and demonstrative pronouns, numerals, verbs in the present tense, social expressions, etc.) and read study texts in the Persian script.

Course content:

Introduction to Persian, alphabet – Persian script. Basic phrases – greetings, thanks.
Alphabet – Persian script, numbers 0-10, personal pronouns. Polite phrases – conversation when meeting, introducing, apologizing.
Verb “to be”, noun phrase, nationalities, “where are you from?”. Basic rules of word order in Persian.
The verb “to have”. In restaurant. Food. Drinks.
Esaphet bond. Family, home, friends. Plural.
Present tense of simple and compound verbs, meeting and studying at university. Conversation exercise using basic verb forms in the present tense.

Minimum entry level:


Lecturer: qualified Czech teaching staff

Number of teaching hours: 33

Lesson date: Tue 18.7., Wed 19.7., Thu 20.7. + Tue 25.7., Wed 26.7., Thu 27.7. 2023

Class time: 9:00-15:30


Price: CZK 4390

Student Price: CZK 3890