Course name: Portuguese– Beginners (A1) – Week-Long Intensive Course

Course Content:

The course is meant for anyone interested in learning Portuguese. During the course, students will have the possibility to develop and strengthen the capacity of oral comprehension and oral expression: they will be able to  use everyday expressions in concrete situations and to understand simple sentences and frequently used expressions related to the social environment. Students will be able to  read short and simple texts in order to find a predictable information and to write short narrative or descriptive texts, fill out a form or write a  post card, letter or email. Students will be able to  adapt vocabulary to different communicative situations, they will practice and consolidate more complex structures of the Portuguese language and they will contact with different aspects of Portuguese culture.


Course Objective: Graduates of the course will have learnt to understand simple sentences in the present tense.

Minimum Entry Level: none required

Teacher: Native speaker

Teaching materials:

Tavares, Ana (2004) Português XXI. Livro do Aluno 1. Nível A1, Lisboa: Lidel.

Tavares, Ana (2004) Português XXI. Caderno de Exercícios 1. Nível A1, Lisboa: Lidel.

Coimbra, Olga Mata & Coimbra, Isabel (2011) Gramática Ativa I, Lisboa: Lidel.



Personal Pronouns. Verb To Be. Definite and Indefinite Articles. Positive and negative sentences. Present Tense of regular and irregular verbs. Prepositions of place. Adjectives. Demonstratives. Reflexive pronouns and verbs. Prepositions of time. Comparative and Superlative. Possessives.



Greetings and introductions; Describing ourselves and others (age, nationality, occupation, studies, personal characteristics, appearance); Walking through the city, asking for directions, shopping and talking (description of our journey, places of interest in the city and everyday life situations); At a restaurant, Book a room in an hotel. Asking for time. Actions of daily routine.


Price: CZK 4390

Price for a student: CZK 3890